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Disorders have been there for the longest time and people from across he divide can suffer from them, some can be treated while for others depending on the stage, they could learn on how to manage them and live comfortably. One of the most common disorder experienced by both adults and children is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This mental disorder makes a child hyperactive and this can be seen even in the classroom where they have a hard time reading a text or paying attention in a classroom setting. There are more cases of ADHD in boys rather than in girls and the cases can be in the early school life. Children who are growing up with the disorder have problems setting goals and staying organized. Managing time also becomes difficult when one has the disorder.

This disorder does not have a cure but it can be managed with treatment and some therapy. Specialists that deal with the disorder recommend acupuncture. The parasympathetic nervous system is strengthened when a patient with ADHD undergoes acupuncture. Different children could show a range of symptoms of ADHD that is for those with it. Poor concentration is one of the most observable symptom in children and this will take the eye of the care giver or the teacher in class. Impulsive behavior is another common symptom for children with ADHD. ADHD also comes with hyperactivity for the children. Parents and care givers are always not sure about the drugs that is used in managing ADHD and are reluctant when it comes to using them. The parents have to think about the drug’s side effects on the children and it’s the reason why many opt for the natural options. Studies have shown that symptoms of ADHD in adults include hyperactivity as well. Adults will also have a difficult time paying attention to one thing for too long.

This may affect them in the work place. Adults will usually forget meetings and miss deadlines and this will not seat well with their employers. Lacking the ability to control impulse behaviors may be witnessed when waiting in long queues and mood swings. Adults also have a problem being organized and making priorities of things that are going on in their lives. Being that the adults with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder cannot hold concentration on one thing for long they have a hard time completing duties and things that they have to do. ADHD also makes it difficult for people to handle themselves in stressful situations. To know without a doubt that a loved one is suffering from the disorder, its wise that you get a diagnosis from a specialist rather than speculate.

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